Supertones Are Go!

Welcome, and welcome back, to all our Supertones! We had our first rehearsal of the year, we saw lots of lovely faces - some familiar and some brand new ones. I’m so looking forward to a great year ahead, making wonderful music together, learning and laughing all the way!

With all our new members we needed to introduce ourselves. There is only one of each of us, and we all have our own completely unique voice - so we introduced ourselves by making a unique sound and movement on our name, and for fun, the whole choir then said hello back with that same sound and movement! “My name is JuuuUuuulie (with a turn and a wave)… Hello JuuuUuuulie (turn and wave!!)!”

We started our rehearsal with lots of warm ups. The first was counting and waving our arms and legs: yes it was as wild as it sounds, but it got our bodies loosened up and our voices woken up! Then we did some sirening and buzzing to get our sounds warmed up. To prepare us for our first song we sang a scale, using solfa “do re me fa so la ti do”, and then using hand signs we improvised a little melody. This led us perfect on to sing Doh a Deer and then Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

These songs were quite familiar to everyone, even the new members, so we were able to work on the music elements. In Somewhere Over the Rainbow we sang it slow, smooth and soft. We also worked really hard on using crystal clear consonants. We had lots of fun pronouncing. each. word. very. deliberately! It made such a difference. Already we were sounding like a pretty sophisticated choir.

Even though it was our first rehearsal back after the summer break, and for some it was their first time ever in a choir rehearsal, we have a concert booked and needed to get straight into preparing for it. We are delighted to have been asked to perform at the Dubary Storyfest in Airfield House on Saturday 29th of September. We started with two of our old favorites, Yellow Bird and Feed the Birds.

Because everyone sang so well, we had to practice our bowing! A good bow will show our audiences how sophisticated and professional we really are in the Supertones.

We finished with a performance of the songs we had worked on - and our special bow! We got a lovely round of applause from all the parents and minders who had gathered in the hallway ready to pick up their super Supertone!

A great first rehearsal to what will be a great year of music, well done everyone, see you next week!